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T.O.A. Entertainment


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What will you get when you hire T.O.A.?

We would like to introduce ourselves to our potential clients.

What will you get with T.O.A. Entertainment?

With T.O.A. Entertainment you will get the best show that money can buy. We carry 100% legal music (No recorded off CD's) for the simple fact why hire a DJ service that doesn't even spend money to make sure your event has the music that you want? We have been checked out by the RIAA concerning the legality of our music and thus they give us their permission to use their name plus the other music industry labels such as ASCAP and also BMI.

Our goal as a company:

Is to make sure your show for your event/function is a memorable one. We have been in business since 1998 and we have huge plans for the future.

Below is a picture of our DJ setup at a wedding.



T.O.A. Entertainment spends countless hours networking with DJ's nationwide just so we can give you the best show for your money.

T.O.A. Entertainment DJ Service    Muscatine, Iowa    52761   Phone: (563) 264-5732

T.O.A. Entertainment